Environmental Engagement

Environmental Engagement

Greening our work environment

Environmental engagement is a huge part of making our planet more productive. At Praxair, our employees participate in a number of programs from Zero Waste to Earth Week initiatives to help create a more sustainable future. Explore some of our employee environmental engagement highlights.

Praxair's Greenway Project

We're matching employee Zero Waste contributions with global tree planting and partnering with global non-government organizations, local groups, customers and suppliers to plant or preserve one million trees by the end of 2016.

Through employee environmental engagement initiatives like Praxair's Greenway project and our Zero Waste and office greening programs, our employees are helping to create a more sustainable future.


The essence of Praxair's Greenway project is matching employee zero waste contributions to global tree planting. In this manner Praxair helped plant or preserve more than 900,000 trees at end of 2015, from a 2013 baseline. And that figure will grow: Praxair has committed to planting or preserving one million trees by the end of 2016. (See video at left for more information.)

Praxair is working with organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation and The Nature Conservancy on this important project.


In 2015, Praxair exceeded a key sustainability 2015 target of sending zero waste to landfill from more than 200 facilities in its worldwide operations. Almost 350 significant operating facilities in 19 countries, representing 12,000 employees or nearly half of all Praxair’s global employees, achieved Zero Waste status– and kept more than 100 million pounds of waste from going to landfills. A Zero Waste site is defined as one that keeps at least 90% of its process waste from going to landfills. In 2016, two Praxair offices earned third-party accreditation to Green Seal's Green Office Partner Program.

Eliminating waste has resulted in thousands of dollars of cost avoidance for Praxair, has conserved tons of material for reclamation and recycling and has supported people, jobs and the environment in scores of our local communities.

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